Nigeria's Oil Economy

Posted on Tue 16 December 2014 in Nigeria • Tagged with opinion, corruption, crude oil, economy, Oil, Oil Price


The Nigerian Government must be feeling the heat now. When they made a budget for 2015, they didn't think the oil price would fall to as low as $59 a barrel (price as of 16/12/14). Saying that Nigeria's economy is wholly dependent on oil revenues would be an …

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Obama | Nigeria

Posted on Tue 25 June 2013 in Opinion • Tagged with Africa, America, Barack Obama, ECOWAS, Nigeria, USA, Oil, POTUS, President Obama, West Africa


I have been seeing some posts on the web about how Obama is again snubbing Nigeria on his 2nd Africa trip. Obama’s first trip to Africa (sub-Saharan) disappointed many in Africa as the trip was just about spending some few hours in Ghana.

This time around, he is serving …

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